by freeyway May 16, 2018

Let’s say you’re headed home from work. It’s raining outside, and walking out, you step in a muddy puddle. Then, opening the car door, a passing car sprays you with mud. You park in front of your house, go out and encounter the neighbor’s friendly dog, who just realized how much he loves you, after showing the same love to a puddle nearby.
By now you are completely wet, muddy and freezing. You come to your door and listen for a second. You hear your family happy and in a good mood, you smell the freshly cooked dinner (we did a bit of creative magic here, like in TV commercials :))
You enter your apartment, you’re hungry and happy to see them all. You hug them, leaving muddy stains over everyone. Walking to the table, you leave footprints behind you and sit blissfully at the dinner table, on a cushion that begins to soak as you drip all over it.
You pour soup in your plate, happily chatting with your family while removing bits of mud from your hands…
It probably doesn’t look like that 🙂
You probably came home, yelled “Just a minute” and went to the bathroom, joining your family after you changed and washed up.
Probably 🙂

This initial scenario can be described in many ways, we added some dramatic effects in our version. Maybe you came home and nobody is waiting for you and there’s no smell of dinner. You’ll still change and wash up first 🙂 Probably 🙂

However, most of you, without even realizing it, actually act according to this first, less likely scenario. Maybe not with rain and mud, but with energy. Everything is energy. You are energy, the things around you are energy, other people and events are energy. Everything has its “signature”, its “vibration”, and those things stick to each other with ease. You can imagine yourself as slightly sticky, picking up little things from your environment throughout the day. That is how it is with energy.
A completely regular elevator conversation with a person that is nervous or angry in that moment leaves a bit of that “anxiety” on you. A fight you may not have been a part of, but that you witnessed leaves “traces”. Encounters with people, events… and your thoughts on all of those, your vibrations that change throughout the day so you can barely keep track of all the emotions – all of that stays imprinted on you.
And you take all of it home.
In case you live alone, those vibrations disturb you and make you feel like you “bring the work home”.
In case you live with others, you bring all of that home and sometimes it takes hours for everyone to balance out, just when it comes time for bed, even if then.
You probably witnessed a young child’s hysterical cry in a shopping mall. Children are still particularly sensitive to all energies, and something that looks like just a slightly crowded place can be a huge shock for a child. After it becomes overwhelmed, the child expresses itself in the only way it knows in that moment, by crying. In case the parents aren’t aware of what’s going on and don’t manage to calm it down, plus they haven’t gotten everything from the shopping list, they become nervous. The child then experiences an even bigger shock, because it loses its last energy foothold it has, its parents. They become energies that instill confusion, the same as everyone else around them, and the child begins to experience an intense feeling of defenselessness and agitation.
Well, the same thing happens to adults.
In case you’ve had some unpleasant experiences on a particular day, and didn’t “clean your energies”, you will become more and more nervous, inviting more similar situations with your vibration. It then becomes possible to come to a so-called breaking point, when you feel like you’ve had enough of everything.
The way out from all of this is very simple, but it requires your presence in your own life and coming into better contact with yourself than what you previously might have had.
No matter what you do in a particular day or what happens, do a basic energy hygiene routine a couple of times throughout the day. It’s very simple, and after doing it intently a couple of times, you’ll find your own way that works best for you.
No matter what you are doing, direct your attention to yourself with an intention of releasing all energies that aren’t yours, which you “picked up” throughout the day. While doing so, you can imagine yourself standing below a waterfall of white energy that washes over you, or you can ask to be cleansed (the sentence in the text below). You can imagine a big ball of light passing through you, which picks up anything that isn’t yours, anything that you don’t need and that makes you heavy. Or you can imagine lots of little balls of light cleaning you rapidly. Let your imagination run wild…
With everything, what’s important is the intention and presence. It’s very easy to manipulate energy, and after a while you’ll find your own best way.
You can teach the same to your family or friends, maybe even start each coffee or lunch with friends with a quick energy hygiene session, to leave behind all unnecessary burdens and feel each other for who you are.
When you start doing this regularly, you will become more sensitive to energies and you’ll recognize situations around you better, as well as yourself.
Along with that, you’ll have better energy flow, so you’ll more easily confront the most important things, along with yourself and all those deep vibrations that await your attention, transformation and healing.


(Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash)

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