by freeyway May 19, 2018

Everything has meaning by simply existing. Because existence itself is the meaning of life. But if your life does not have a meaning to you, it loses value in your eyes. You need that, you need to know why you exist. Because that is what you say makes you alive.
So be it, look for your own meaning. But look for it in everything. Do not let the little joys of life pass you by just because you’re out searching for a “grand meaning of life”. You could spend the entirety of this life searching. And then comes regret – regret at the end of your life, because you didn’t find it – “the meaning to your life”.
And it’s been in front of you the whole time, the whole time you passed by it. You passed by your meaning – your life.
Your own existence here is your meaning, and every new day brings many little events that are there just for you, just to make your life full and give it meaning. Walk through life with open eyes for all that it brings, don’t let it speed past you. Promise yourself every morning that you’ll find at least 5 reasons why that day makes sense in your life. And continue doing that until that routine becomes like a good habit.
You will see that you will start to be excited about each new day and the new challenge it puts in front of you, and along with that, you will understand that your life’s meaning is that exactly – your life and your existence.


(Photo by Simon Shim on Unsplash)

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