by freeyway May 19, 2018

As the Planet experiences its changes in the form of earthquakes, floods and other „natural disasters“, so do each of us experience weak and strong earthquakes within that serve to flatten old patterns and make way for a new consciousness.
Some experience these earthquakes consciously, recognizing which „themes“ rise from the depths and call out to be examined, while many unconsciously meet their fears, turning them into life challenges and drama, letting them take control over them. One of the conditions that are becoming more prevalent is depression, apathy, separation from one’s surroundings and the inability to see purpose and beauty in things. That state only shows separation from one’s own core, and can serve as a call for an even stronger and more frequent self-development.
Many ask themselves „What does working on yourself even mean? “. How can we work on ourselves? Does it mean reading a pile of books, going to lots of seminars and courses, looking to other people for answers?
Working on yourself means your presence in your own life 24 hours a day. Because even when you sleep, if your deep desire is getting in touch with your inner depths, your dreams will carry messages and signs.
Reading a book, having a conversation, session or a workshop, these things only assist your movement. They cannot “solve” your challenges, only help you along the way. The same way that a yoga class teaches you how to do yoga, but until you actually start doing it regularly, you only have the knowledge that it could be good for you, you don’t see benefits.
By asking the light beings for a therapy, you give consent, but you also give your being focus and readiness for meeting with yourself. You tell your consciousness and subconscious that you’re ready to exit the mode of constantly judging the world, yourself, and others. You start to feel the vibration deep inside yourself, a vibration that sometimes only needs to be felt to start to release. Often, the encounter with the depth inside will be a clear feeling, a „eureka!“ moment that shows why you feel the way you do, and what you need to let go. But that moment will also feel like something hard to explain to another person, hard to understand with this earthly mind that seeks logic in everything. However, that does not matter. What matters is that you have come to that revelation, to that moment, to transformation and release of the old to make way for the new.
Therefore, nobody can do it for you. You can only get assistance, help to delve deeper into yourself, all the rest is up to you. Because even an energy therapy releases only those vibrations which you’re ready to encounter. The crossing from old to new happens only when we’ve really, completely had enough of experiencing the old, when we’re ready to move at any cost. Only then does a shift happen, we shed old burdens and new doors open.
As a consequence, “working on yourself” and presence in your own life are not just a matter of an afternoon yoga class and evening therapy and meditation, but of an inner presence and wakefulness in every moment. Yoga, therapies and meditation only serve to give deeper insights and allow for deeper release.


(Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash)

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