by freeyway May 20, 2018

At the start of each day, put aside 10 minutes for yourself (if needed, get up a bit earlier☺, ask for a therapy (the sentence underneath the text), spend a few moments breathing, feeling your physical body, from head to toes. Then become aware that you are at the start of a new day, and wish yourself a welcome. Feel your physical body once again, become aware that you are at the beginning of a new earthly day, conscious in your own body. For a moment, try to be grateful for that experience.
Then focus your attention towards your energy (feel it, imagine or visualize it). Remember that inside of it lie all of your records, all what you came into this life for, what made you choose this body. Then set forth a clear intention- that you are open to this day and to all that it brings. That you are ready to go through the day consciously and without judgment (of yourself or others). That you are ready to observe, let change happen and open the doors within. That you are ready for life and passing through this day aware, awake and in contact with your own higher consciousness. Feel yourself as a whole, a unity of the physical body and energy. Be like that until you feel that you are ready to move or the time runs out.
Then go face the day, and during it, pause for a few times and remember the morning centering and your intention. At the end of the day, thank yourself for it, and start the next morning by centering as well. If you have “limited time” in the morning, set a timer to help you relax – then let yourself go. Have trust that you’ll manage to do everything in time. With time, you’ll start to awake earlier as well, because the need for centering before the day starts will come naturally.
Every day brings change, with every day your inner being dissolves, transforms, releases the old, opens up to the new. Let yourself consciously observe your own change.

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Start the day centered and composed (article)


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