by freeyway May 20, 2018

The energy that envelops you more and more each day is new to these lands. It is of a higher vibration and it allows connection with a higher level of consciousness, releasing and dissolving old vibrations and opening up to new ones.
There is only one condition for working with it spontaneously and in harmony – you have to be open towards yourself, truthful and you have to be capable of completely looking within, into all of your parts.
That energy passes through everything. In case you hold on and close some of your inner doors from fear of what’s behind them, hoping that it will disappear on its own, the energy will pass through and wreck all of those doors, leaving you in pieces.
Then you get the chance to see what’s behind the door, what are you running away from, and what’s inside of you. To observe yourself, recognize, let yourself release and heal.
If even then you don’t do that, the energy will present to you, through people and events, all of the things behind the doors as your reflection. You will be forced to look inside the hard way. And then, you can deny all of that and blame others and the world, victimizing yourself – the lessons will just keep coming.
Or you can do it another way.
You can open your inner doors every day, using intention, meditation and therapies to show all of the things you hid. Look inside yourself with love and support, no matter what hides behind the door. All of them were your experiences, all of them are part of you.
By letting yourself open all doors, you allow the energy to flow within you freely, to help you discover and clear up everything hidden within you, to help you recognize yourself.
Such a fast transformation has never been possible in these lands until now, you are changing on a cellular level. If you direct your inner gaze towards the light, love and your own truth and acceptance, then the outward gaze begins to see beauty and love. Not through outer form, but through that which springs out of every person, the core of existence itself, the vibration of the Source.


Starting your day centered and composed (practice)


(Photo by Kym Ellis on Unsplash)

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