by freeyway June 6, 2018

On this Planet, power is traded. The kind devoid of freedom and dignity, predestined to govern or be governed. Power that obliterates humanity and leads people to the dark where they lose the part of them that loves.
Often, it is thought that powerful people are those with control over themselves. But the price of that control is often putting things under the rug, so only parts of you that you like can govern, parts that don’t topple or distract you and that give an illusory sense of self-control. Anything that interferes with your ability to control is often the enemy you put away someplace far from yourself.

Do you know what true power is?
The feeling of touching that part of yourself that’s buried so deep that your guts twist the moment you feel it. And then you let it go, free it, thank it, transform. Then you get a taste of power. The power that doesn’t ask for others to rule, but that’s self-sufficient. The power that’s visible only through love. The power that was before this body, and that will be after. Call it strength.

There’s no such power in the external world that wakes the spark of life like recognizing your own truth. The truth that brought you here, that guides you through life (whether your ego likes it or not) and that will guide you out of this life.
Meeting your own truth leads to such great internal power that you only begin to hear silence – that speaks through intuition and looks with the eyes of love.

By accepting yourself and your life, you accept others, just as they are. All of them are your messengers, and you are theirs. After your emotions get worked up, don’t stay angry at the messenger, but look at what is within that feels hurt or angry, which are the vibrations within you that are disturbed.
There is a lot happening of this Planet, the bigger question is why you find yourself in certain events. The answer will come when you let it show itself to you. Its release and transformation will allow better flow of energy. After that comes realization, the awakening of consciousness. When you’re flowing, you consciously or unconsciously become a channel for higher levels of being, a part of the energy network that encourages raising the Planet’s consciousness.
The moment you give up your superficial anger, when you let it show itself to you and you transform it, you come to something much bigger and stronger, something that will show you what life means.

What is power? (practice)


(Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash)

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