by freeyway June 7, 2018

The weight you can sometimes feel is the mix of your own active vibrations, but also of the collective transformation that influences everyone. Depending on the day or time of day, the energies coming your way bring a very strong and transformational energy that encourages deep cleansing and individual change. If you’re deeply calm and relaxed that day, you’ll handle those changes more easily. But if it’s one of the “tough days”, then it’s all going to get tougher and more intense.
You can’t escape those global energies and changes, they encompass us all, the Planet as well as the whole dimension. You can’t influence it or stop it. But what you can influence is yourself. The way you accept your transformation greatly shapes the feelings within you.
Acceptance is a very free energy, it supposes flow. Fighting against what you feel and how you feel is a very stiff energy, it supposes a shock similar to suddenly hitting a roadblock. So your decision to let yourself accept is the first step to an easier passage. After that, many things will happen by themselves. The only question is if the thing that comes out will be pleasant or unpleasant for you. Because if you free the energy of acceptance, or passing, within you, then your internal change can shed light on everything that needs to be transformed externally. That is also the most important reason why people very often run from their own change. Because they would like to change themselves, but not the things around them, and sometimes that’s not possible. Because your change, the change of your vibration, can lead to you being even more out of sync with things, people, events around you, to not vibrate in the same way. Then you can either stop your own change to “leave things as they are” or support your internal change by allowing external change.
After accepting and flowing, easier energy will come, no matter what or how much is being released within, and no matter the strength of global energies, your acceptance makes them softer and maybe lets you feel a pleasant and cleansing wind instead of a hurricane.


(Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash)

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