LOVE AS LIFE (practice)

by freeyway June 18, 2018
LOVE AS LIFE (practice)

Calm yourself, direct your attention to your breath, ask for a therapy (the sentence below the text) and spend some time feeling the breath flowing through your body. Then feel the area of your heart chakra and try to sense how you’re feeling in that area. Ask yourself – what are the current vibrations that show themselves through my emotions, that make me feel most constricted. Put the intention forward of working on that and let yourself go to the therapy. All that you see and feel, let it pass, be only an observer. In the end, earth yourself well by making your physical body conscious from the tip of your toes to the top of your head.

If after reading this text, you felt any emotion that isn’t pure love but is let’s say anger, misunderstanding or disagreement, try the practice above with the intention of working on all the vibrations that lie beneath those emotions.
Recognizing yourself is the biggest step towards love, the kind that accepts everything and everyone, the one that allows life.

The sentence you can use to ask for a session >>>

Love as life (article)


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