by freeyway June 20, 2018

If you look at love outside the borders of infatuation, you will see life. Life in every living form of existence as an extension of the spark of creation.
You will see a fly and within it recognize love. You will stand in front of your „enemy“ and see love in him, buried underneath despair and anger, hatred and revenge. Maybe you then recognize the same inside yourself.
You will see the tree and the bird and see love, hear the waves of the sea, the seagull’s song, the sunset, and see love.
Anything less than that is your emotion showing where you are on your own path of creation. An emotion such as infatuation shows you where your vibration has turned to and what your lesson is. If you discover hatred, revenge and anger, you will feel your own pain underneath them. Jealousy, a feeling of insecurity, emotions that seek to be solved and worked on. Friendliness, closeness, a need to belong. All of that shows you where you are on your path of growing and developing.
And the final point, which you probably won’t reach in this life, but you can get closer to by looking inward is – love. A completely unconditional love that is the pure code of creation. The source of life that you can call however you want – You can call love.

Love as life (practice)


(Photo by Pexels)

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