by freeyway June 29, 2018

Ask for a therapy (the sentence below the text) and spend some time just breathing. Then feel/visualize/imagine a little ball of light in the center of your head – a ball of light as your own consciousness, what you have been before this incarnation and what you will be after. Then, with every breath you take, feel the ball begins moving around your body. Watch where it goes, on which body part, and let it be there for a while, putting the intention forth that you are ready to create a bigger flow of energy in that part of the body. Then release it to move further along. Be an observer of your own body and allow yourself to be healed by the movement of your consciousness through it. In the end, earth yourself well by becoming conscious of your physical body from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.

Your consciousness is always present, you can hear it through the flash of thoughts, feelings that show you the way. Even though you may not like the way, look at why you are on it, what the way teaches you, and then let go to yourself. To all that is within you and seeks to be observed by you. By having the detailed understanding of your own being, understanding of your own life will follow. And then comes transformation.

The sentence you can use to ask for a session >>>


(Photo by Yash Raut on Unsplash)

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