by freeyway July 5, 2018

Your physical bodies, as well as your energy, are always moving, creating and dissolving. They are in a constant state of transformation, that is your natural state.
When things you don’t like start to happen to you, you cramp up – physically and energetically, thereby making energy barriers.
Be the flow. If something hurts you, be the flow and let the pain pass. If you are unhappy, be the flow and let the sadness pass. If you’re happy, be the flow and let the happiness pass. Be the flow; it’s your natural state. Then everything that needs to enter your life will easily float in, and everything that needs to leave will easily float out.
If you „don’t want it“ and you struggle against the changes, you suffocate and stop your energy. It is then that heavy emotions rise that cloud your mind. If you also enter an inner drama, it all becomes harder. And because of that, you stick heavy energies around you onto yourself.
If you let go and relax within, you’ll see more quickly which way to sail and where it’s best to turn, you’ll feel when the best moment is, not the one that your mind tells you, but the one your soul shows.
Everything after that will simply glide carried by the wind of your inner trust. Sometimes a storm is needed to make nature shine afterward in a new light.


(Photo by Sergey Pesterev on Unsplash)

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