IF I WAS A TONE (practice)

by freeyway August 6, 2018
IF I WAS A TONE (practice)

If you existed as one tone or sound, which tone would it be? High, low, deep, piercing, quiet, light, rhythmic… Ask yourself in your mind “If I was a tone, which tone would I be?”. Let your mind give you the answer.
Then ask for a session (sentence below the text), calm yourself, direct your attention to your breath for a moment. Then put forward the intention that you’re ready to meet your deepest parts, along with your highest consciousness, and repeat the question “If I was a tone, which tone would I be?”. This time don’t wait for your mind to answer but follow your feelings – what happens within after that. You are in an energy session, so releases of energy are surely happening. How do you feel during them? Just let the feeling of you show inside.
At the end of the session, ground yourself well by becoming aware of your physical body from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. Then write down your observations.
After a week, read the observations and through your inner feeling, allow your tone to show within again. Have in mind that the tone is a symbol of your vibration – searching for it is searching for yourself. And that is a search that never ends and is subject to constant change within you. So follow your changes, acknowledge them, have gratitude towards yourself and your life. Allow it to happen, showing you your next steps.

The sentence you can use to ask for a session >>>


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