by freeyway August 22, 2018

Ask for a session (sentence below the text) and spend some time just breathing, feeling the physical impulse of your body, heartbeats throughout the whole body, the breath. Then put the intention forward of releasing all the heavy vibrations within, the ones that choke you and are ready to be released with just a little bit of inner support. Feel a pillar of light descending from the Source of all that is – coming through you, through your feet and into the center of the Planet. And feel yourself within, accepting to hand over everything you don’t need, everything you’re still holding onto with your mind, constructs, fears – that you know deep inside you’re ready to let go. You don’t have to see what it is, it’s enough to have the intention and to feel yourself allowing an internal energy release. Remember that you’re in an energy session and that things you cannot understand with your mind are happening anyway, but your inner being knows.
In the end, earth yourself well by becoming conscious of your physical body from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.
Sometimes your small move within towards a wish for internal movement is enough to make hills inside you move. To understand how far you’ve already come and how much it’s worth it to keep on walking.

The sentence you can use to ask for a session >>>


(Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels)

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