When I was about 16 years old, the world of energy spontaneously opened up to me for the first time. Having come in contact with my spiritual guidance, but raised in a family of atheists, I had a thousand questions. Throughout the years, I have learned from them about energy and all that isn’t visible to the naked eye. I have learned about myself and how to come into better contact with my inner self. My friends, as I have always called them, are beings made of light, and they revealed that we are all light beings and that it is time to wake up.
Today I am 45 years old, and I know more than I did in the beginning, but still too little to say I know… The world outside this physical dimension is so unfathomably huge and different, that it would take us an infinite amount of physical lives to comprehend it using our minds. And even then the question is, is that even possible? Everything outside what we perceive with our eyes; the other side, is so much different than this world here. And, because our mind analyses things based on familiarity, it cannot comprehend it, so it creates images most acceptable to us.
I have stopped asking as many questions as I did in the beginning, and I am letting life reveal each next step and letting knowledge awaken inside of me. I have listened to their advice to just be, and that all of the answers I need would just come. And they are, each day.
Twelve years ago, my therapist path also started spontaneously. The way I work is through channeling of energy and information. Partly through conversation, partly through energy therapies, I assist people with getting in touch with themselves better. We work on the vibration that is brought into this life and that attracts people and events. By changing that vibration, life around you changes as well.

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Maya Samarinac


(Photo by Iva Kraljevic)