Handbook for Self-Work According to the freeyourway.com Principle

“You Are Your Own Consequence…
And Now What?”


Topics in the manual:

  • You Are Your Own Consequence… And Now What?
  • This might be a good moment to explain the concept of time
  • Vibrations, feelings, thoughts
  • Let’s talk about childhood
  • Take off my tight suit
  • Family
  • The family you have been born into – Safe Handling Instructions
  • What is transformation?
  • Is there free will?
  • What does it mean that you bring only one part of you?
  • The world has changed; what does that mean for your quest?
  • The energy around the Planet

Please note:

Everything that I do is being channelled and done in collaboration with Energy. That means allowing your personality to step out of the way and just typing things out, as was done in this case. While you are stepping aside (letting through the energy inside you), you do not check how things look in writing, whether you have used an appropriate word, if the sentence sounds good or if it could sound better. You just want to transfer the Energy code, which will awaken in each one of us exactly what is needed. That is the reason why, as you will notice, I sometimes switch pronouns around. Your mind might find this quite strange, along with most things mentioned in this handbook, but don’t let the bewilderment of your current mind divert you from what is essential, from what has initially attracted you to this handbook.

I can’t provide you with an explanation why this is happening — why I keep switching pronouns ’you’ and ‘we’ around — at least not with one that your mind would be comfortable with. Try to keep track of what is happening inside you while you’re reading, and over time, you will notice many things that are awakening within you, and which will leave your mind wondering.

After all, it doesn’t really matter, does it? As long as you can feel that your consciousness is expanding, developing, and awakening, your mind’s incredulity will not matter to you. After a while, it will stop resisting because, ultimately, your mind wants you to be well. The awakening of one’s consciousness brings about the awakening of one’s pain, which is subsequently transformed. When this transformation happens, it brings such inner bliss that no mind can resist it 🙂

Maya Samarinac
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You Are Your Own Consequence…
And Now What?

We will start without any preamble; we will immediately give you the bottom line of this kind of work on yourself. Of course, we will not claim that we are telling you the absolute ‘truth’ because there is no universal, one and only, single truth.
We will offer you something here… and you will see if you can hear a call from within… and whether you have the inclination to immerse yourself in this type of internal work.

If we start from the premise that this is not your first life ever, that this is not the only time you have ever lived and walked on this Planet — we will not touch upon other realms, only this one will be discussed in this book — you can view yourself in this way:
When one’s physical body dies, it also takes away the mind that was attached to that body; it takes away the words you are no longer saying, thoughts you are no longer thinking, feelings that are no longer storming through your body. That body returns to the earth, in a way fertilizing it for future generations.

At that moment, your energy gets separated from your body, not your whole energy, but the part of it which was attached to that body. We owe you a short explanation here: You, as an energetic being, are much greater and more powerful than any physical body. When you merge with a new body (new incarnation), you only connect one part of your energy with that body, just one small part. The higher your level of consciousness is at that point, the smaller the part of your energy that needs to be merged with the new physical body.

One of the reasons for this is that you do not cease to exist as energy while you are incarnated.
Another reason is that your whole energy would be ‘too much’ for that body. The physical body would burn out if you somehow managed to squeeze your whole energy into it… which is unnecessary… and that is why you are fused with just one part of your energy throughout your incarnation.

We will not explain certain things in this handbook, but leave it for another one instead.
So, to continue: Your body has stopped functioning, or as it is called on this Planet, it has died. You hand your body over (willingly or unwillingly) to the Planet and retrieve your energy. At this point, we will skip what goes on between two incarnations and focus only on the next fact.

When you re-incarnate or connect with your new body, your new personality has no recollection of your past life — unless you have specifically decided that you want to remember it in that life. It is usually unaware that it has lived before, but… your whole new personality is the consequence of everything you have lived through up to then.

In what way? Imagine this… you lived a life which gave you various experiences; you reacted to those experiences with different emotions, which have imprinted themselves onto you as vibrations. These emotions have left a mark, regardless of whether they were pleasant or frightening, they have become a part of you, and your energy imprint has been transformed because of them.

And after your physical body disappears… after you leave it to the Planet… you separate your energy from it, pull it back…your energy is no longer the same as it was when it came into that incarnation… it is modified… due to the experiences you have been through.

And then you acquire a new body… and although it is small, still in your mother’s womb, or has just been born, or is only a couple of years old… innocent… your vibration is fused with that body — a vibration which is neither small nor innocent but already full of experiences on this Planet, a vibration that is strong even though your body may still have a diaper on.

And now, it all depends on what future lessons you have chosen to learn, what it is that you want to study further.
Some vibrations will get activated while you are still in your mother’s womb, so you may be born with some physical challenges that will follow you throughout your life. Sometimes, the vibrations get activated when you are very young, and then you might suffer from various ailments as a child and learn through those experiences.

Not all the lessons that we have agreed to learn get activated simultaneously; it all depends on the lives and lessons we have already gone through, what our imprints for this life are, and what we have decided to focus on.
Or, as it is often the case due to the violent times in history… on how much pain you have brought back with you and how you will ‘redistribute’ it throughout this life.

When vibrations get activated and lessons start appearing, they come through our environment: the people, events, and things we have chosen to start our life with, and then through the ones which we attract during our lifetime… Depending on our vibrations, we attract everything that can help us to stimulate those same vibrations even more.

We actually want to awaken our vibrations; we want to reconnect with them because this is the only way for us to accept them (consciously or unconsciously) and to try to resolve them. The other option is to live through them unconsciously during our whole life as a victim who blames everyone and everything around them, unable to connect with their pain.

How can you transform something and learn something through it if you do not fully experience it again? This is the reason why we often live a series of similar lives. On the outside, they may be completely different, but in structure, they are similar… because when we are not able to look into ourselves, acknowledge what we feel without wallowing in self-pity and helplessness… not allowing the lessons to be shown to us and not taking responsibility for our life, then, this life brings us similar hardships as the past ones, further deepening the vibrations underneath.

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