Handbook for Self-Work According to the freeyourway.com Principle

“You Are Your Own Consequence…
And Now What?”


Topics in the handbook:

  • You Are Your Own Consequence… And Now What?
  • This might be a good moment to explain the concept of time
  • Vibrations, feelings, thoughts
  • Let’s talk about childhood
  • Take off my tight suit
  • Family
  • The family you have been born into – Safe Handling Instructions
  • What is transformation?
  • Is there free will?
  • What does it mean that you bring only one part of you?
  • The world has changed; what does that mean for your quest?
  • The energy around the Planet

Please note:

Everything that I do is being channeled and done in collaboration with Energy. That means allowing your personality to step out of the way and just typing things out, as was done in this case. While you are stepping aside (letting through the energy inside you), you do not check how things look in writing, whether you have used an appropriate word, if the sentence sounds good or if it could sound better. You just want to transfer the Energy code, which will awaken in each one of us exactly what is needed. That is the reason why, as you will notice, I sometimes switch pronouns around. Your mind might find this quite strange, along with most things mentioned in this handbook, but don’t let the bewilderment of your current mind divert you from what is essential, from what has initially attracted you to this handbook.

I can’t provide you with an explanation why this is happening — why I keep switching pronouns ’you’ and ‘we’ around — at least not with one that your mind would be comfortable with. Try to keep track of what is happening inside you while you’re reading, and over time, you will notice many things that are awakening within you, and which will leave your mind wondering.

After all, it doesn’t really matter, does it? As long as you can feel that your consciousness is expanding, developing, and awakening, your mind’s incredulity will not matter to you. After a while, it will stop resisting because, ultimately, your mind wants you to be well. The awakening of one’s consciousness brings about the awakening of one’s pain, which is subsequently transformed. When this transformation happens, it brings such inner bliss that no mind can resist it 🙂

Maya Samarinac
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You Are Your Own Consequence…
And Now What?

We will start without any preamble; we will immediately give you the bottom line of this kind of work on yourself. Of course, we will not claim that we are telling you the absolute ‘truth’ because there is no universal, one and only, single truth.
We will offer you something here… and you will see if you can hear a call from within… and whether you have the inclination to immerse yourself in this type of internal work.

If we start from the premise that this is not your first life ever, that this is not the only time you have ever lived and walked on this Planet — we will not touch upon other realms, only this one will be discussed in this book — you can view yourself in this way:
When one’s physical body dies, it also takes away the mind that was attached to that body; it takes away the words you are no longer saying, thoughts you are no longer thinking, feelings that are no longer storming through your body. That body returns to the earth, in a way fertilizing it for future generations.

At that moment, your energy gets separated from your body, not your whole energy, but the part of it which was attached to that body. We owe you a short explanation here: You, as an energetic being, are much greater and more powerful than any physical body. When you merge with a new body (new incarnation), you only connect one part of your energy with that body, just one small part. The higher your level of consciousness is at that point, the smaller the part of your energy that needs to be merged with the new physical body.

One of the reasons for this is that you do not cease to exist as energy while you are incarnated.
Another reason is that your whole energy would be ‘too much’ for that body. The physical body would burn out if you somehow managed to squeeze your whole energy into it… which is unnecessary… and that is why you are fused with just one part of your energy throughout your incarnation.

We will not explain certain things in this handbook, but leave it for another one instead.
So, to continue: Your body has stopped functioning, or as it is called on this Planet, it has died. You hand your body over (willingly or unwillingly) to the Planet and retrieve your energy. At this point, we will skip what goes on between two incarnations and focus only on the next fact.

When you re-incarnate or connect with your new body, your new personality has no recollection of your past life — unless you have specifically decided that you want to remember it in that life. It is usually unaware that it has lived before, but… your whole new personality is the consequence of everything you have lived through up to then.

In what way? Imagine this… you lived a life which gave you various experiences; you reacted to those experiences with different emotions, which have imprinted themselves onto you as vibrations. These emotions have left a mark, regardless of whether they were pleasant or frightening, they have become a part of you, and your energy imprint has been transformed because of them.

And after your physical body disappears… after you leave it to the Planet… you separate your energy from it, pull it back…your energy is no longer the same as it was when it came into that incarnation… it is modified… due to the experiences you have been through.

And then you acquire a new body… and although it is small, still in your mother’s womb, or has just been born, or is only a couple of years old… innocent… your vibration is fused with that body — a vibration which is neither small nor innocent but already full of experiences on this Planet, a vibration that is strong even though your body may still have a diaper on.

And now, it all depends on what future lessons you have chosen to learn, what it is that you want to study further.
Some vibrations will get activated while you are still in your mother’s womb, so you may be born with some physical challenges that will follow you throughout your life. Sometimes, the vibrations get activated when you are very young, and then you might suffer from various ailments as a child and learn through those experiences.

Not all the lessons that we have agreed to learn get activated simultaneously; it all depends on the lives and lessons we have already gone through, what our imprints for this life are, and what we have decided to focus on.
Or, as it is often the case due to the violent times in history… on how much pain you have brought back with you and how you will ‘redistribute’ it throughout this life.

When vibrations get activated and lessons start appearing, they come through our environment: the people, events, and things we have chosen to start our life with, and then through the ones which we attract during our lifetime… Depending on our vibrations, we attract everything that can help us to stimulate those same vibrations even more.

We actually want to awaken our vibrations; we want to reconnect with them because this is the only way for us to accept them (consciously or unconsciously) and to try to resolve them. The other option is to live through them unconsciously during our whole life as a victim who blames everyone and everything around them, unable to connect with their pain.

How can you transform something and learn something through it if you do not fully experience it again? This is the reason why we often live a series of similar lives. On the outside, they may be completely different, but in structure, they are similar… because when we are not able to look into ourselves, acknowledge what we feel without wallowing in self-pity and helplessness… not allowing the lessons to be shown to us and not taking responsibility for our life, then, this life brings us similar hardships as the past ones, further deepening the vibrations underneath.

Until at some point we get tired; at some point we wince, having had enough of that experience; and in a new incarnation, we find the strength to cope with these pains. And that is the moment when the growth and learning of our internal selves begin. But first, you have to reactivate those vibrations, by coming into this life vibrating with them, and then attracting lessons that appear through various events and relationships…

Until one day you wake up, like, for example, in this incarnation and say: “Okay, I’ve had enough! What else is there besides this everyday battle for survival? Who is the person underneath this label I’m hiding behind? What is life really about?”…
And then, you might attract a book like this into your life along with this type of self-work, and your new journey can begin.

One important thing should be mentioned at this point. This Planet, as well as the whole system it is part of — and by that we do not mean the space that is seen and researched by your scientists — is undergoing a major change. The transformation of the whole system is happening all the time. This means that it is not just certain parts that are getting transformed; everything is undergoing transformation simultaneously.

Sometimes, these changes can be like waves; they have their beginning and acceleration, then their crest and then a slow decline. You could imagine that you are on the crest… which lasts… and which gives momentum to the incarnations on this Planet… allowing them a deeper immersion.

This means that, in times like these, you have the opportunity to look deeper into yourself, to connect with Energy and with yourself at a higher level and more strongly, to feel your existence in a way that was impossible to feel during the previous several thousands of years you have spent on this Planet.

During those times, your consciousness would have been much more closed throughout your incarnation … you might have believed in one or several gods, in nature, mysticism, trees, or whatever you want, but only on the inside, silently… because if this was not in accordance with the predominant rules and with what was allowed, you could have attracted a very painful death and trauma. The vibration of the Planet itself would not have allowed a stronger influx of consciousness.

Now, during these times of change… you have the opportunity to make huge breakthroughs via your current personality, literally ‘skipping’ a few incarnations in order to awaken in your own truth, not in what your mind might recognize as the ‘truth’, but in that which is circulating in your body as a memory…not just of your past incarnations on this Planet but of who you are and where you originate from when you are not in incarnations like this.

At this point, you might ask why anyone would want to skip incarnations at all; isn’t the point of incarnations to grow and to learn?… Isn’t that the reason why we are here?
The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. The answer is so complex for the mind that you are currently using that we will give you a very symbolic explanation. And then, as you open your internal doors, you will be letting in — through your own filters of consciousness and awakening — that which needs to and can be awakened as a memory for this moment, that which is the reason why you are here.

We have already told you that these are times of a huge shift. This period is not the same as the one in which you were living a hundred or more years ago. This time period is completely different (we will describe the way time is viewed a little bit further in the handbook).

And now, let us use some symbolism. Usually, in times of great change, some peripheral parts of existence require assistance. This is due to the accumulation of unconscious energies — which enjoy the experience of unconsciousness — in the peripheral parts of existence. The energy of unconsciousness and the beings that are connected to it at any moment form an integral part of existence, and as such, they should not be judged negatively. However, when these peripheral parts get stretched too much, they begin to prevent the whole process of change. Then, it is necessary to provide some assistance to these parts in order to raise their consciousness and to help them to continue their development process along with other parts, while at the same time allowing some new areas of unconsciousness to be created.

Since time is a different concept at different levels of existence (we will explain this a bit further on), this assistance arrives much earlier than necessary in order to become adjusted and adapted, to go through various experiences, and to get infiltrated into areas of unconsciousness. This means that many arrived here several thousands of years ago…to go through the various experiences that these areas provide, to get integrated, to become the awareness that is needed here.

And so, we come to the times that you call ‘now’, to the times of this global vibrational shift which will enable you to go through the experience we might call ‘awakening’, allowing you to remember who you are — not through your mind and processing of information but through your feelings — speeding up your own transformation to become a strong consciousness which then connects (consciously or unconsciously) to the energy grid that covers this entire Planet and transmits a very high level of consciousness. You are assisting — through your own awakening process and by elevating your own level of consciousness within you — to ‘ground’ that grid so that the transformation of consciousness can begin to spread around.

There is another reason why, in the course of your awakening, the transformation of your vibrations in this period is happening at a higher speed. The reason for this is that this Planet needs as many ‘new children’ as possible, and not only those who have just arrived — who bring in a breath of fresh air from other realms, but whose adaptation to this world is often extremely difficult. This Planet needs you who have already been through various experiences here to be the ‘new children’, you who are embedded in its pores and can consequently adapt more easily to a fast-changing world, you who can (consciously or not) transmit very high levels of vibration and thus assist the global shift.
Therefore, your self-work does not just serve your own growth through the incarnation you are currently living, but it is also preparing you for the next one and the one following that.

We know that throughout the centuries known to you, many teachings have spoken of ‘enlightenment’ as a form of salvation from this incarnation cycle. However, we now want to tell you that you have not come here to save yourself. You have come here of your own free will. You have arrived from higher-vibration realms, bringing with you a wealth of experience in situations like this. You have experienced how difficult living a life in such incarnations is, how much it breaks you into pieces that may take centuries to heal. Therefore, you do not need salvation; you need awakening in order to do everything you have come for, and to then assist others and to accelerate the collective transformation.

At least a few more incarnations await all of you who are reading these lines. As you are becoming more conscious, you are becoming more useful to the collective, and you are not going to leave when you are the strongest and can offer the most, right?! Instead, in times like these, you will do your best not to live in order to fulfil your ego’s desires anymore — living only for your own pleasures — but instead to focus on what you have come for.

Know that you are here only temporarily, that the time which looks like a journey of a hundred or a thousand years here does not have such temporal shifts for your energy. One day, you will return to the realms you have come from, looking for realms which await your assistance afterwards because there is always a need for assistance; there is always a place somewhere that needs more consciousness, and with each new awakening in a different realm, you are becoming stronger and more powerful for your future missions.

This might be a good moment to explain the concept of time.

Inhale, exhale… read the following lines not by engaging your mind but your inner feelings of recollection, not because this description is the ‘ultimate space technology explanation’ but because it contains a symbolic description, a vibrational trigger for something that you already know deep inside yourself. Remembering from within may be different for everyone. Ultimately, it does not matter if the images surfacing from the inside are the same; all that matters is that you feel that your wisdom is awakening within you, that you are waking up. That is why every word in this handbook carries a vibration as a reminder…something for each one of you individually.

Imagine a cone turned upside down. Its top is facing downwards, and its base is facing upwards. Now, imagine cutting it horizontally into layers, like pancakes… there will be a large surface at the top, followed by surfaces getting smaller and smaller until you reach the smallest circle at the very bottom.

On this Planet, you are now placed on that smallest circle, and your energy comes from the uppermost layer. (Of course, it is a lot more complex than this; do not let your mind start with questions now. This is just a symbolic description.)
Imagine time to be an impulse, an impulse that starts at the centre of the circle and expands concentrically like a wave towards the outer edges.
At the moment of this impulse, try to compare how long it takes this wave to spread through the largest surface at the top and how long through the smallest circle which you are on. In the time needed for that impulse to expand over the largest upper surface, numerous smaller impulses have spread through the smallest circle.

Imagine that one impulse represents a year or a century. While one impulse spreads over the top surface (while one year or one century passes), maybe a thousand of them have passed on the smallest circle. Of course, the words ‘year’, ‘century’, and measuring time in this way are part of this Planet, so we are describing things to you by using your current vocabulary.

This would mean that if you started your incarnation cycle on this Planet five thousand years ago, in the realms you have come from, five of ‘something’ has passed.
Can you feel what it would mean then if we told you that your life is just a moment for us? What would this mean for you and your understanding of the life you are living?

This may be a good time to close your eyes for a moment. Focus a little on your breath and feel what is going on inside you now as you read this. Maybe some fears have resurfaced, maybe some memories… whatever happens, accept it and breathe.

And when you now look at what we told you earlier, that there are surely several future incarnations awaiting you… you may now grasp it with some new understanding.

Vibrations, feelings, thoughts

When thoughts or feelings arise in you… vibrations would have got activated the moment before. Vibrations are triggered first, then feelings, and then thoughts.
You know you have thoughts; sometimes you are aware of your feelings, and sometimes you are not… but in most cases — unless you have some practice with vibrations — you are not aware that everything has started right from there.

We have told you that different vibrations get activated in you at different stages of life. From then on, other people and events can trigger your internal processes. You could say that you have become sensitive to specific themes, without even being aware of these themes.

Vibrations… imagine them exactly as the word describes them…they vibrate…very deep in your energy structure. You have acquired some of them recently, maybe at the very end of the life right before this one, while some of them you might have been carrying around for centuries.
All these vibrations create layers one on top of another, or we could say they accumulate in your energy structure. If you were given some glasses that would allow you to see your own vibrations and those of others, the very first thing you would notice is that a person vibrates. It would take you a long time and much practice to adjust your current understanding and gain the ability to recognise different kinds of vibrations.

That is why it does not even matter. Just like the nervous system in your physical body, imagine a vibratory system in your energy body. When one of those vibrations gets triggered, your whole vibratory system begins to be agitated, triggered into action… feelings start to arise, then thoughts, and then you may begin with some action.

That is why it is not necessary to distinguish your vibrations and to try to recognize them. By doing treatments and meditations, you set an intention that all the vibrations that lie beneath the particular emotions and thoughts you are experiencing right now — or the ones that lie beneath the particular event you are currently experiencing — should be worked upon. In that way, you are working on the very root of the vibrations…Do not strain yourself too much with details; just working in this way is a huge step towards awakening.

When you think about vibrations and their activation, just think about your vibratory body that has got activated. In that way, various themes can help you to consciously activate your own processes. Through treatments, you can feel that there are various unresolved themes within you. By working on these themes, you are entering into your vibratory field and transforming it. It sounds simple… in fact, it is simple… unless you allow it to get complicated by engaging your mind (thought processes).

Imagine a beautiful sunny day. You are sitting on the terrace of a quiet café, drinking your coffee or tea, reading your book. No-one is bothering you, the weather is warm…it is a perfect time for you, just for you…
After a while, a person sitting at the table next to yours starts to make a lot of noise, moves a chair, rustles their newspaper, talks loudly on the phone… As time passes, you become more and more irritated, and you can no longer concentrate on your book… Your ‘me-time’ is ruined.

This is followed by tension; your mind starts talking things out. If you do not dare to object to that person directly for some reason, then you certainly object to them in your head.
You leave the café, stressed and angry because “everything was cool until that person arrived.” You retell that event that day to those who want to listen to you… how you were having a beautiful and peaceful morning, and how it was ruined by this uncultured and horrible person.
After you have left the café, you cannot calm down, you are fuming, you need to vent out… maybe you eat something to make yourself feel better…
Then, the day continues unfolding with events that follow exactly in line with the morning that was ruined. It is possible that by the end of the day, all you want to do is go to sleep and forget about that ‘awful’ day.

Your mind: it assumes that you are a victim and wonders why, probably becoming convinced now that the whole world is complete chaos anyway, that everything would have been fine if only that person had not sat down… It decides to seek reassurance by recounting that event, and it blames everyone else for everything.
Your energy: it feels squeezed, attacked, vulnerable. You feel like you’ve ‘picked up’ some energy from around you, possibly from that awful person. You feel exposed and unprotected… then probably by the end of the evening, you feel misunderstood, tired, and lonely.

This is a fictional example; you can modify it a little, and we are sure that you have experienced something like this more than once, that you are familiar with all of the above.

And now let us go deeper… let us dive into the vibrations…let us see an example of what could lie beneath such an event that happened to this person.

This person has a past, past lives on this Planet that they are unaware of … and events from this life that they may or may not remember. Everything that has happened in this life has been attracted by the vibrations of the past (you are your consequence), and it has only created ‘layers’ on the pre-existing vibrations, strengthening them. So now we are going to dive deeper into the vibrations that this person has come into this life with.

Imagine that this person’s vibrations bear the record of disrespect, sacrifice for
others followed by imprisonment, isolation, service, perhaps slavery… anyhow vibrations that trigger these emotions…
That person, as energy, has lived several consecutive lives in this state, without a way to overcome it… and now they are living a new life. It does not include such hardships and difficult themes as slavery; that person is actually ‘completely free’ as far as this is possible in today’s society. However… the vibrations are still present…

Let us recap:
Vibrations are first to get activated;
after that, emotions are triggered,
followed by thoughts.

Of course, this happens so quickly that it is simultaneous for you as an incarnated being.

So let us go back to the story. Let us go back to the vibrations that exist in that person. We can say that you attract certain events because of the vibrations that are within you… The purpose of these events is to help you to relive and transform these internal unresolved vibrations, or to reconfirm them.
In the example above and the reaction afterwards, you might say that this person did not become aware of anything, that they just received confirmation that they were a victim, that ‘things like that always happen to them’, that they are miserable…and that the world is unkind and unfair… In that case, the vibrations in that person become even more ‘ingrained’, waiting for a new opportunity to get recognized and resolved.

What would it mean to ‘encounter’ these vibrations, become aware of them, and transform them? That would mean that as soon as the event that you perceived as ‘distraction’ started happening, you would stop reading your book, you would inhale and exhale, bring your attention back within, breathe through yourself, maybe ask for a treatment right away (we will talk about treatments later) and… most importantly… ask yourself this question:

What is it inside me, which vibration … that has drawn this situation to me?

And that does not mean that you are sitting and ‘waiting’ for the answer… it means that by raising this question, you have started taking responsibility for yourself.
If you are already working on yourself in this way, it is possible that everything will be clear to you even before you ask this question, and that you will know from experience what to do next. More of this continuous self-work will get you into the practice of recognizing your own processes.

But let us just assume you are new to this. You are sitting and enjoying yourself; someone disturbs your peace, and you can feel that you are losing your temper. And then, you respond by immediately asking yourself this question instead of allowing your mind to fully engage and get upset about the situation. You take charge immediately as soon as you feel someone is distressing you.

With this question, you return your attention to yourself … you ask for a treatment and initiate transformation automatically. You admit to yourself the feelings you have, but you do not tell yourself: “It’s all because this person has ruined my morning.”
Instead, you say to yourself: “This person has come to me as a messenger; my reaction (anger, anxiety, powerlessness) shows me the things I haven’t resolved in myself yet. I thank the messenger; I thank myself for paying attention to this”.

And then you let the treatment work for you, and you observe what is going on inside you. You may be immediately shown the vibrations underneath this situation, in the form of feelings…it might even feel like you are releasing something really old.

Then, you watch what happens next. It may happen that the messenger has unconsciously received the message that they have ‘done their job’ and calms down by, for instance, reading their newspaper, or they may abruptly leave the café…
If this does not happen, and you feel that you have received the message and you no longer feel comfortable there, you should leave that place… maybe go for a walk or go to another place where you can breathe through the treatment and set the intention that you are ready to become aware, to accept and transform all the vibrations that lie beneath these emotions and the events that have triggered them.
We can say that you have taken advantage of a situation that has happened for your inner growth and understanding, rather than allowing yourself to stay in the mode of victimhood and discontent.

Let’s talk about childhood.

You choose when, where and how you will be born. You choose the family you will be born into; you choose the majority of your life experiences.
You choose according to what is necessary for you. Let us say that you have experienced some situations in the past where you have ‘earned’ certain sets of feelings in various ways. You come into a new body, a new life… you have certain vibrations within you. With them you attract certain people, events, and places into your life…so you can either re-live those situations or try to resolve them.

You, as your own consequence, think that you have choices; you think that you have ended up with a family that, for example, does not understand you; you think that you are not very lucky with certain things because that is your fate… And with this type of attitude, you remain forever trapped in that inner cage of vibrations that control you, believe it or not.

The moment you look deeper into this view of life’s circumstances, and you start to feel and understand more deeply what vibrations you were created of, you begin to view yourself and your life in a completely new way. You no longer feel like a victim of fate and happy or unhappy circumstances. Instead, you start to hold the steering wheel of your life in your own hands; you accept full responsibility for your own life, and out of that acceptance, you know that you have a choice, not the choice to do whatever you want but the choice whether to remain trapped in your own traumas or to transform them.

So, what could you do with that information…
You could allow yourself to get to know yourself better… but not through what you like or dislike about yourself… but by truthfully immersing yourself in all the pain and all the resistance you encounter… by no longer wandering inside the thoughts in your mind, blaming your childhood, parents, school, unhappy love affairs, or circumstances for all your problems… but realising that taking responsibility for all your vibrations from your past incarnations does not necessarily require you to understand the process… but to allow yourself to achieve a sense of inner release instead.

If all of this has not put you off so far, and you are still reading these lines, it means that somewhere within you, your own truth is awakening. Maybe you could make yourself another cup of tea or coffee, take a deep breath and continue reading. Then you can plan how to work on yourself every day, or get assistance at www.freeyourway.com. Plan to organise your life in a way that no matter what the day brings, your inner work remains to be your priority.

Many think that in order to work on yourself, you need to isolate yourself from the world. Working on yourself is much more than that. It is conscious living, a life that reflects in every moment what is happening inwardly through your everyday life. Whatever shows up around you is like a message you need to pay attention to. In that way, you start to awaken that dormant part of you that begins to replace the fearful and resistant part of you, and with which you begin to feel the need to find your true self — the need to look at your life and everyday events from a position that is different from pure mental judgment. Then, this becomes like breathing; you no longer think about whether you have worked on yourself that day or not… your whole day and all your days start to turn into one major work on yourself. This is the moment when somewhere deep inside, you start to feel the shifts… you do not know exactly in which direction… but you feel that they are definitely leading you to the unveiling of your inner truth.

The only thing that might be disheartening about this approach is the pain. If you sit and chant “Everything is beautiful, life is beautiful. I am great and everything is great”, you may not feel the pain there and then. However, it is only a matter of time before life shakes you up because you were hiding behind some affirmations that you did not truly believe in, hoping that everything that is inside you would heal on its own.

And then, if you make a career out of it — because, maybe, this is your imprint for this life: to create some kind of external career and take yourself to the ‘top’, trying to convince others that they can do what you have done — then you have brought yourself into a life that you will continue to live that way, maybe temporarily or even until its end. However, if you do not make a career out of this, there is a good chance that you will wake up one morning in a worse state than before your marathon of affirmations. This mode of self-work is attractive to many, especially since it offers — just like any newly opened restaurant — various treats, known and unknown to you… offering oblivion for at least a moment.

And here… you are moving towards opening yourself up to your inner truth… and if you were reading carefully from the beginning, then you could see that very often there is pain hiding in that truth. However, Energy says that the pain of living a lie is ultimately greater than the pain that is revealed through the truth because at the moment of revelation and transformation, that pain disappears; you grow and develop through it; you move on; you liberate yourself…

So, we will tell you… if you feel that this is beckoning you, if it rings a bell inside you, if your intuition is telling you to read on, to carry on… then, embark on this journey… either alone or by getting assistance at www.freeyourway.com… and give yourself permission to allow whatever is needed to happen…
Although many painful situations may happen in your life…external and internal… your energy never chooses something that it cannot surmount… You might at times feel like you are unable to cope, that you will fall apart… but still, you will wake up the next day and move on… becoming more and more resilient and with an increasing understanding of yourself every single day… it is as if you were finally given a manual for your own life…

Take off my tight suit.

You might be — probably you already are — wondering… “Will there be any breaks during self-work? Can I have fun and enjoy myself a little too?”
Or, you might look around yourself and come to the conclusion that many have a good life while you are investing a lot of effort and working hard on yourself, and many around you do not question anything and are still doing well.

Here, we will give you two points:
a) that you do not want to wear a tight suit unnecessarily, and
b) that everyone learns through lessons.

We will explain the first point to you in this way: Imagine squeezing into a pair of reeeaaaally tight pants. You fit into them but barely, and you cannot even walk normally. Then, you put on a veeeery tight T-shirt. Altogether, you feel tightly squeezed, cramped up and uncomfortable… you do get used to it over time but never completely; it is always tight and cramped.
Then, you get a to-do list. You complete it in order; actually, it is easy for you to fulfil these tasks because then you think less about how confined and uncomfortable you are…

And so, another 40 years pass… or 50 or 86…
You get the information that you have completed that to-do list, and that you have been ‘rewarded’ with a wonderful holiday at some tropical destination. Everything is being paid for you; you will be getting an island all to yourself… or a mountain all to yourself… anything that would be tempting to your mind, under one condition… that you stay in that suit.
Try to feel it now… how do you feel… do you accept the offer? With enthusiasm? Or maybe you thank them for the offer, and say that you will pass on it and would rather go and take off that tight suit.

Well, above lies the answer to the question people often ask us, which is: “I’ve been working on myself for so long, can’t I enjoy myself a little?”

Now, we will not go into what ‘enjoy oneself’ means at all because each one of you would describe it differently.
Yet, the picture of these tight pants and T-shirt, this tight suit, describes how you feel as energy when you merge with a new incarnation, when you ‘get inside’. That is why you cry a lot when you are born. Everything is a shock to your physical senses, and in addition, you feel incredibly squeezed, not to mention that you have to adjust again to the fact that you are very young, and you are back again to learning the basic movements: walking, eating, speaking…

That is the reason why, when you incarnate, you want to make the most of that incarnation; you want to draw from it all the possible lessons that you are willing to encounter as a personality. Will you do it consciously and intentionally, allowing yourself to immerse yourself in the vibrations from your past incarnations and take responsibility for them…or will you resist it so life will squeeze you and challenge you with various events… this is the part that depends on you. Now, we would like to explain this part to you in more detail.

To put it briefly, we would say that whatever triggers you from the outside wakes up a vibration within you. Consequently, the vibration stirs up an emotion, and an emotion triggers thoughts. Some unpleasant situations may occur that you do not react to, i.e. a situation that is just annoying… you have an opinion about it, but you do not feel that this situation has stirred up some strong feelings in you. That means your vibrations were not triggered.

The difference is that you find yourself in, for instance, an unpleasant situation — now we are not talking about any life-threatening situation, such as an attack or something similar — you just feel uncomfortable at that moment, which is normal as your energy begins to contract to protect itself; it is a natural reflex. After you get out of that situation, you might need some time to calm down; you have your own opinion about it; time moves on, and you quickly forget what has happened, or you do not pay too much attention to it.

However, if the situation leaves you emotionally shaken, if you cannot calm down and your mind is constantly returning to it, if you are overwhelmed by your emotions… then you have been triggered. The fact remains that the situation was not pleasant, but the question is what was within you that attracted it and reacted to it so strongly.

The situation that has occurred outwardly may not have any resemblance to the description of the possible event from the past in which you ‘earned’ the vibrations that have been triggered, i.e. the vibrations that have remained within you as a result of the past event that are now causing such a strong reaction. The two situations do not have to be similar in any way. When we view it from energy point of view, the essential thing is that you have been ‘helped’ to feel the same emotions again.

If you work on yourself continuously, after a while, you will feel what it is inside you that reacts so strongly. You may not know (nor do you need to know) what exactly the events of your past lives were that have left these vibrations in you as their result; maybe you will only remember the situations in this life that you associate with these emotions. It does not matter. The important thing is that you do not end up blaming either the situation that has triggered you or your childhood, which are so easy to point the finger at. Remember that you have chosen both your childhood and your parents (as they have chosen you; it is a mutual agreement) so that everyone can learn what is needed in these relationships.

We know that many of you feel a lot of resistance now. If you are still reading, let us talk a little bit about family, about those people around you who tend to trigger so many things in you.


Now, we will talk about the family you have been born into. Your family could be the most triggering thing for you, so try to read this as a story… let your inner energy show you the way through the next lines.
No matter how many people you meet throughout your life, you will always have one mother and one father. They will, if by no other means, at least ‘genetically’ follow you throughout your entire life; a part of them will be a part of you. This statement might raise in some of you a feeling of love and belonging while in others a sense of total resistance.
Because of that, before we go on to tell you about the ways in which your family can affect you throughout your life, we would like to give you an idea of who your parents really are and the immediate family you have been born into.

And now, we will ask you to pause for a moment and think about this question: If you have come into this incarnation as a ‘soul on a journey’, and if you remember everything we have written about so far… then, who are your parents?

And now, put aside your opinions of them, whether you love them or maybe even despise them… we ask you to think objectively. If you have felt inside you that you are not just a physical body, that you are something more than that… that you are energy… if you felt some moments of internal recognition while you were reading what we have written so far… who then are the people who, through their physical union, have made the creation of your physical body possible?

And then, we will ask you the following question: If you are your own consequence, if you are reacting to your own vibrations, aren’t they too? Is there a possibility that behind the anger you see in one of them is huge pain as a result of some traumatic experiences in the past and fear of experiencing that pain again, making their angry behaviour actually a reflection of their inability to cope with themselves and the world around them? This is just an example; this is how we can now describe to you any behaviour you do not like in those you know as the people who created your physical body.

Now, we will share a very important piece of information with you here. As you can see, we are telling you things little by little. Some of them may already sound familiar to you; you will recognize some of them right away, and some will cause resistance in you. Therefore, you can read this manual more than once, and every time, something new will get awakened in you, ringing a bell… The point with any channeled information is not only the written word but also the energy code imprinted in it.

What is this essential information?
When you enter the incarnation cycle, you are born on this Planet, in this dimension… which is not love… which is not the balance of everything that lives and moves… This Planet is ruled by what we will now only symbolically describe as ‘duality’.

That is why in your lives here, you go through all the known emotions that life on this Planet can stir up in you. You rise to the heights, you fall into the depths, you are a victim, punished, then you become angry or loved, you love or hate, you take revenge or provide assistance. All of this is part of a cycle that goes towards balance in the end, not the balance your mind would consider as balance but the balance that we will call — as we have already called it — ‘awakening’. You are moving towards the moment when you are no longer attached to this Planet although you are still on it, capable of transmitting a very high level of consciousness through yourself and your energy in order to strengthen the energy grid around the Planet and to assist the raising of consciousness all over the Planet.

The word ‘balance’ may create an image of love, peace and harmony in your mind. However, just as your mind does not know any other realms of existence than this one, your mind does not know why you are here as energy. Your mind is part of this system, and when you leave this incarnation, you will leave behind your current mind as well, just as you have left behind all the minds of your previous incarnations remaining only as their consequence through vibrations.

That is why the mind creates beautiful images, and it hopes to manifest them. The mind only sees its beginning (birth) and its end (death) and wants to spend the most beautiful and high-quality lifetime possible. If your mind becomes very angry, and if you lose yourself in that anger, your mind may start to create images of revenge, hatred, or injustice.
Whether it is love, retaliation, or something else… your mind is limited to understanding only this dimension and this world. Anything that is not in its known parameters creates discomfort in you.
Awakening as such brings a lot of discomfort, but you knew that before coming here; you were ready for it; you had — as we have told you — already gone through it under some other conditions and systems.
By transforming the vibrations within you, in these times that — as we have already mentioned — enable accelerated growth, and which you have been waiting for… you allow a greater influx of your consciousness into your current physical incarnation.

Information that you will not be able to grasp with your mind might awaken within you as you continue working on yourself. For a moment, there will be a flash of memory, recognition, a feeling that you have just been somewhere or experienced something… but as soon as that moment passes, in which everything will seem clear to you… your mind will start analysing what has just happened. And, since there are no parameters within your mind that would enable it to create a representation of what has just happened, you will be left with the feeling that you cannot remember what has just happened or with some fragmented feelings or flashes of memory. And, as the moments go by, and as you try to use your mind to retrieve the events that have just happened, a higher and higher wall will rise inside you.

That is why we advise you not to bother. These are flashes of memory that happen in the moments when something inside you is released or at times when you receive certain information downloads through Energy. When something like this happens, try to stay calm and just breathe for a moment, with the intention that you are ready to surrender to your own higher consciousness, and that you are ready for your own inner transformation and awakening. Do not contract and squeeze your energy in order to try and remember what your mind cannot remember.

If you happen to see things, remember them… do not analyze them, leave them within you and wait for the next part, as if you were solving a puzzle of which you do not have all the pieces at once, but instead you get them little by little. Patience… your transformation cannot be sudden; it happens on a daily basis… when you are aware of it and when you are not… your intention to go towards it and to work on yourself is the only thing you can focus on.

Why have we at this point inserted this information into writing about parents?
They are here just as you are; they have come before you, but they are the same as you. They have the same painful and cheerful experiences as you. You know them too, from past incarnations and possibly from some other realms. The more painful your relationship is, the more vibrations you trigger in each other, the greater is the possibility that you have lived many different lives together, many times before, loving and hating each other. Only those who are close to you in energy can play such powerful roles that can totally push your buttons or produce major energy consequences.

Then imagine… you have someone as a friend or a partner you love very much, but in fact, you are still strangers energetically. There are not many shared lives or memories or consequences between you, which is why you do not trigger each other too much. And then, you are constantly talking to that person about your parents, parents who drive you mad — that you may even hate — but you cannot put them in one of your memory drawers and forget about them; they constantly jump out and disrupt your life.

If you could press ‘pause’ on your life in those moments and get taken out of your incarnation and placed into our position to look at it all from a higher perspective… you would probably be surprised 🙂

You would see that these two are souls that are very close to you, you would feel the love for them, the connection; you would remember how many beautiful and difficult things you have already been through together. Then, you would feel their suffering, their pain, everything you trigger in them. And then, when we returned you, your relationship with them would have changed. And it is because of this that we cannot take you out… for, in order to awaken, you must be completely immersed in this earthly reality, staying here in the incarnation cycle… but awake… like a light in the darkness, from where it sends a signal to its group of lights.

That is why each of you reading this now knows all human emotions, knows all human roles as symbols through which one can live. Because of that, there are no better or worse emotions; this is an important thing to understand, a difficult one… but important…

We have not told you this because we believe that you should stop being angry at your parents now; we have told you this to explain in more detail what it means to take responsibility for your vibrations from your past lives.

When you view life in this way… you can view your childhood differently. It is true that your childhood has, in a big part, shaped who you are now. However, if you have opened up to everything we have told you so far… then it could be claimed that it was the vibrations which you are the consequence of that formed your childhood, which in turn helped you to grow into the person you are now… in order to obtain a deeper understanding of yourself through inner work and to transform your vibrations, to either move step by step towards your awakening, understanding… or to live another life in similar vibrations while still experiencing something new.

This way of accepting and assuming self-responsibility can make you feel grateful towards your parents and all those who shaped you as you were growing up. You can feel how much you needed it (no matter how traumatic it was), and you can turn inward, realizing at last how to become the helmsman or helmswoman of your own life, and feeling that changes deep within you are possible, that you are not a victim of fate, that you are someone who is awake; you just need to remember that… and open yourself up to your own potential.

When you think from a victim position, you squeeze your own energy. When you blame, you squeeze your own energy. All of this puts you into vicious circles with no way out, just endless repetition.
It is true that this mind-set is a challenge for the ego because the ego has to be right; it has to somehow justify the things that have happened.
However, we now ask you to think what is more important to you: to be right, i.e. that your ego thinks it is right, or to awaken?

Let us say that you had a difficult childhood in which you were abused. You feel that your whole life has been formed around this, that this abuse has shaped you. Despite moving towards awakening, you continue to be a victim, your physical and emotional bodies have suffered in your current physical cycle because of something they remember and which gives them nightmares. And because of this, one part of you will always have the feeling that “it is not fair, what happened to you is not fair”, and that part will at times clash with this other larger part who has decided to awaken… it will ask this other part: “How can you get over it now; how can you have any reconciliation with what happened to you?”

What you can do is to acknowledge how you feel, tell yourself that it is completely normal and natural to feel everything you feel, but do not just leave it there or start blaming others. Following that, you could say: “Everything that has happened to me in this life is the result of vibrations from the past. I’m ready to transform those deep vibrations, where they all started, through treatments. I’m ready to let go and move on.”

It is important to emphasize the following here: When you work on vibrations and release things… events that have happened before this life, which you do not even remember, will not bombard your mind through memories. Therefore, they will be easy to release.
However, everything you have gone through in this life will come back and stir up emotions. It is important to acknowledge them, to find respect for yourself and your emotions each time, but then to reiterate the intention that you are ready to transform all the vibrations behind those memories through treatments, the vibrations that are the source of the pain and the trauma.

If you manage to go through your pain without supporting your victim mode or hating your aggressor, you will allow yourself to experience a huge liberation, a flow of energy which will help you to move on.

The family you have been born into – Safe Handling Instructions

When you arrive in your new incarnation, you start with the basics again… you learn to eat, use your body, communicate with others. Of course, now you are learning these through a completely new body, so you could hardly say that you are repeating the same lesson… but you are going through a lesson that you are very familiar with.
In those moments, the more your consciousness is developed, the more difficult this part is for you. There is already an increasingly growing number of children out there who are not understood by their community; they already have a wealth of information which this world is not yet ready for.

If we wanted to describe this in a simple way, we could say that this resembles a feeling like when you bring something that is really beautiful, very useful to someone… but then you have to wait many years to hand it over, hoping that this person — in this case, humanity — will understand you one day.

Although you might now develop compassion for such children, you do not need to. These energies, just like you, knew what they were getting themselves into.
Humanity is not ready for many things yet, but that does not mean that individuals are not ready for them either. Through individuals that are ready for their own awakening, the world will be awakened too.

But let us go back to the story about the family. So… you have arrived in a new incarnation, doing things that are familiar to you. In this story, we will take the example of a physical body that is fully functional, i.e. a lesson where energy does not learn through any physical constraints. Energy is tasked with patiently growing up and adapting to the environment.

And this is the point when the first — we will call them ‘triggers’ — begin because you are surrounded by a group of energies that are close to you and with whom you have already been through many experiences in previous incarnations on this Planet. You help each other to activate different vibrations. While doing so, you grow up; you go through various changes of your physical body as you grow; you adjust to society, trying to fit in, actually trying to survive, as this may sometimes seem to you.

Then, you grow up, your energy becomes more aware… you become more and more ‘you’. And, unless you have a very conscious family that is going through awakening simultaneously with you and in the same way as you are… you will be surrounded by people you are really close to — energies you are close to — a collection of intricate stories from the past, and a new story that you are creating together through this life, and yet, you may get the feeling that none of them understands you.

We believe that it is unnecessary to describe all the various conversations and situations through which the family you have been born into can trigger emotions in you. What we would like to draw your attention to is how you could approach them.

As in other situations when someone triggers something in you, ask yourself why you have found yourself in that situation, what is it inside you that has led you to that place, that person, that situation… ask for a treatment on all the vibrations behind it, ask yourself what you are learning from it and decide on your further steps.

Except… for one very important difference:
In most cases, the family you have been born into has not been randomly selected… and if you decide to leave them in any way, not in the sense of moving away but breaking off all ties with them… thinking that you could make progress that way… it is only a matter of time before some new relationships come into your life in which at first glance you will not recognize your mum, dad, sister, brother…
Because those lessons and challenges you are confronted with through the family you have been born into or raised by… are the ones that build the foundation of your progress in this incarnation. You can view this as the most important exam… if you pass it, you have made a huge step forward within yourself.

Now you might ask a question… “What does all of this mean? That you must be on good terms with them? Get along well with them? Love them regardless of everything?!?!”
The answer is: No!

It means that you focus on transforming the vibrations within you that lie beneath all the emotions they trigger, that you agree to look into them, do treatments for them, meditate on the themes… dedicate yourself to finding an answer to the question of what you wanted when you chose to grow up like that, when you chose those parents, when you chose those brothers or sisters… what was it that you wanted to learn, to grow through?

There is one very important fact that you can hardly understand if you have not experienced it… We will therefore insert it as a note here so you know where you are going… The moment you truly feel your lesson deeply, those same people will no longer trigger the same emotions in you. They are still the same, but you are different. They can still upset you, you can still feel some kind of tension near them, but your inner wisdom — freed from its vibrational constraints — can help you and show you how to get along with them… or coexist, depending on what your circumstances are.

This does not mean that you have to start liking them; it means that you understand yourself, them, and the whole situation better… and as soon as you understand it all better, and as soon as there are no such strong vibrations within you — vibrations you are the consequence of — the whole relationship moves towards some kind of resolution. Very often, they also start to change their behaviour because you no longer trigger strong emotions in them either.

That does not mean that in some more difficult relationships — like in the abuse example above — you will put yourself back in a relationship with the family member who triggered you in that way. It means that, even if you are not in contact with that person, you will feel something else inside you when you consciously or unconsciously remember them… something different from just feeling like a victim… something so deep that it will be difficult to describe. Describing it will not even be necessary. Most of the transformations that happen within you are clear maybe for a moment, then the daily activities continue to unfold, and you just keep moving in a new direction — sometimes without even remembering that only recently you had a different set of feelings.

And now, inhale and exhale… and think about this:
If you have created a family… or intend to create one… remember that everything you have read above still applies. Now you are a parent, you have children…
Maybe you could help these children and make it easier for them to grow up and adapt to this world. Maybe you could assist in the awakening of new generations by remembering that you are triggering each other mutually…
You might read the text above again but now from the position of a parent…

What is transformation?

It is a fundamental change in old patterns that leads to a new way of life.
Initially, this awakening is felt only from the inside, but soon, where necessary, changes are made that can be seen from the outside.

And if someone meets you after a while and tells you how you have changed, you will feel that it is true, but you will not really be able to explain to yourself or to that person how you have changed. This is because it is not your mind that has changed — you have not invested in any kind of mental effort — but instead, you have transformed your entire system by transforming your vibrations. Then, when the system has changed, and when you start to function in a new way, it is sometimes difficult both to remember and to reconnect with the old way of functioning.

Because of this, many people attract similar love relationships or similar jobs. At first glance, anything new that comes up looks like something completely different from the former, especially since it is accompanied by a great desire for it to be something new. However, you can only attract something based on your own vibrations, and if you have not transformed them, you will re-attract the lesson you still need to learn.

Once that happens, you may start to feel even more like a victim, like someone who is unlucky — and everybody else is fortunate except for you — and you may start to overdramatise… compressing your energy even more.
Or you can try to view yourself as your own consequence, view others as your life companions who are also their own consequence, and all of you as those individuals who are going through a process of major development all over this Planet, which is going through a huge transformation itself.

And start working on yourself…
without expectations or time limits.

Here, we come to the next important question your mind/ego might ask:
“Ok, I am getting into this. How long will it take? When can I expect some improvements?”

Breathe in and out again, and then continue reading:
When the mind asks that question… it poses it from earthly parameters. It poses it based again on the fact — i.e. something that is a fact for your mind — that there is a beginning, an end, and that life lies in between, and that it is a necessity to create a beautiful life. That is why one part of you wants you to work on yourself: so you can change your life for the better.

And again, we will direct you to the fact… that you are not just this body; you are not just this incarnation. We will describe it with this symbolic image: imagine a pearl necklace. Imagine that each of your incarnations is one pearl, and all your pearls make one pearl necklace.

Your job is to remember that you are a pearl, to become aware of your self-worth and the intrinsic beauty of life, but also to remember that you are a pearl in a pearl necklace, a pearl which is always aware of its whole system, a pearl that is as valuable as the other pearls in the necklace.
This means that your various incarnations — in which you were a victim, an aggressor, lived an easy life, a hard life etc. — are all equally valuable. Since this whole set of different experiences within you makes you who you are now, you cannot say that one incarnation is more valuable than the other as they would not exist without one another.

If you perceived your self-work in this way… and remembered what we wrote above — that this is not your last incarnation… that, as energy, you know that you will be coming back again, that you are needed as one of the new conscious children on this Planet and the shift that is happening — and if you also remembered that we wrote that no-one made you come here, but that your mind does not remember this… that it is only by working on yourself that you can begin to recognise this and remember it from within; and, if you could imagine how much pain you may have experienced throughout the centuries that you have already lived here…

If you were to consider all of what we have just said… do you really think your energy would favour one particular pearl? And that you could heal all that you have been painstakingly creating for centuries in a very short time — getting rid of all the pain in a short time-span — just for the sake of making this incarnation more enjoyable… forgetting that your energy feels uncomfortable and squeezed in this body and does not remain in a certain life unless it is still useful?

Taking into account the above facts, what you, as a mind/personality, consider to be a lesson of your life… may not be the lesson that you have really come into this life for. This is because as long as you do not dive deep into yourself and connect with what we have called a ‘pearl necklace’, merge with your energy that exists outside of these incarnations, unite with your consciousness… until that has clicked in you… you remain under constant pressure from your personality that subconsciously wishes itself to be well. So some of your wishes may come from there…

Therefore, it is important to keep rethinking what it is that you really want while you work on yourself in the form of profound treatments, meditations, and setting intentions to look deep into yourself… to see where you are being pulled, what is being shown to you…

Transformation means allowing yourself to be yourself, diving deep through your own layers, through what you feel is your own darkness, surfacing into your own light. Profound self-knowledge gives you something like night vision goggles. It allows you to see both what you want and what you do not want to see, and decide that you are ready to be yourself — and at the same time, have enough tolerance towards yourself, others, the world, realising that everyone carries their stories, their burden, their hopes, their suffering…

Transformation and awakening are often unpleasant. Since you belong to a minority, you start to view yourself, others… the world… differently, and at the same time, there are few people around you with whom you can share something like this.
However, awareness from within brings you a connection with many on this Planet that you may never encounter, but through which you will feel the same goal — the intention to raise the collective consciousness.

Then, little by little on your journey, you will start meeting people, attracting new types of events, still learning daily from your own reactions, looking into your vibrations through them.

The loneliness you will often feel will not be different from the loneliness that most people in this world feel. The only difference is that you will not seek to cover up that loneliness by using other people, events and things… but you will accept it even more… knowing that after each new step, loneliness disappears and consciousness remains… consciousness that does not need anything, that just is, that knows why it is, that knows how to be.
We are here — we who do not have a name because our name is the one that your personality chooses to give us. Therefore, the treatment sentence reads:

“I ask my spiritual guides, all the light beings that are here for my highest good, and my light family, to be with me, protect me and do the treatment.”

This sentence is simple, energy-coded and contains something that is important: the word ‘my’. In that way, you connect with your energy, which is for your highest good. If we told you our names and our origins, your mind would become involved, connecting with things it has read somewhere, making up a story.

We do not want you to make up a story, neither about us nor about yourself. We want to do what we agreed with you before you got here: assist you on your path, help you to awaken so you can see, feel, and walk on your own. No-one can do that for you. We are here with a walkie-talkie, giving you directions; you are the one doing the walking. Very often, you walk in the dark, in the unconsciousness of this world. Therefore, using your mind less during awakening and listening more to your intuition and your own inner voice — through which we very often whisper to you — will bring you to the art of treading your own path without doubt… feeling how every step is guiding you to the next one, how new worlds, consciousness, and wisdom are opening within you…how you are awakening to who you already are…
We are here…
But the most important thing is that you are here for yourself…

Is there free will?

This question is so complicated — and in essence so simple to feel — that we will again advise you to inhale and exhale before continuing to read, to feel what awakens within you as a memory as you read on, or if there is fear or discomfort, to acknowledge it so you can initiate a treatment for all the vibrations underneath those feelings.

If we perceive you as energy that has arrived here, then we would say that you, as energy, have completely free will within the realms and circumstances you have come from. You have made the decision to enter the incarnation cycle to assist with the transformation of this Planet, which has started to happen and which will continue for many more earthly years.

Of your own free will, you decided to arrive long before the transformation began so you could integrate into this realm and be able to act within it.
If this information is known to you, we do not need to explain it further; if not, it is not possible to explain it to your mind, so just keep it as information your mind has received at this moment.

You knew then that once you enter the incarnation cycle, you cannot leave it until you have completed what you have come for. We cannot explain why because your mind does not know the parameters we would need to use … but we can describe it to you metaphorically as follows:
You are standing in front of a large circle that is spinning very fast.
You are breathing and standing in front of it, trying to harmonise your energy with the vibration of its spin. After a while, when you have managed to do that, that circle does not rotate so fast any more as seen from your perspective, and you enter it.
At that moment, the vibration of that circle becomes part of your vibrations and you begin to live by the rules of that circle. That circle is on a lower level of consciousness and you start living through various incarnations in that circle, trying to regain your higher consciousness while still in the circle. In the course of doing so, you get into different situations that trigger different emotions in you, to which you have different reactions.

You need time… time measured by the parameters of that circle, to slowly arrive at incarnations in which you can move more steadily along that spinning circle as you begin to regain more and more of your higher consciousness, the consciousness you have when you are not in that circle.
In the process, you awaken various memories that help you to remember who you truly are and raise your vibrations higher.
After a while, you begin to ‘bring yourself under control’ in terms of knowing how to recognize things within that circle, how to transform all that lowers your vibrations and how to live consciously.

With time, you start living completely consciously in that circle, and then you start to take action within the circle… you know all the parameters of the circle, you have experienced them first-hand — you have fallen, you have stumbled, you have learned through this — and you are now stable. Now you are ready to assist others in this.

You remain in that circle, balancing your vibrations in a way that you do not raise your consciousness too much because you would then completely leave the circle, and you do not want that. Everything that you have struggled with through so many experiences has prepared you to take action, action within the circle through maximum awareness. That is why you strive to live long enough in the circle and have various new experiences to assist the collective transformation in the best possible way. At one point, your awareness will have expanded so much that it will go beyond the current circle and you exit — your incarnation cycle is complete.

If we now look at the above scenario, and if we can ascertain that you, as energy, have consciously entered the circle (incarnation cycle), then you could say that you, as energy, have free will.
But your incarnations do not have that kind of free will. They are the result of your previous experiences…

Let us explain free will while you are incarnated in more detail:
When you look at children that are born… some of them enjoy wonderful earthly circumstances, beloved by their family, without any obvious problems… others are in difficult earthly circumstances, in a rough environment, learning very quickly how difficult life on this Planet can be.
The reason for this is, as we have said, ‘consequences’. Each of these children is its own consequence and each of them has come to learn through different experiences.

Two things are important here:

Firstly, everyone goes through all experiences. So, from that perspective, the children who are going through different experiences happen to be in a different set of parameters that everyone will eventually go through — not equal in terms of exactly the same ways of learning (life circumstances) but equal in terms of experiencing the various possible emotions that life in these bodies can create.

Secondly, while incarnated, you will describe a situation as difficult or easy. That is why we talk about ‘earthly’ difficult or easy experiences because they really are like that while you are going through them. However, when you are not incarnated, when you look at it all from a higher perspective… you see it all as experiences. This means that while you are not incarnated, you feel that all these experiences are equal and that they all help you to develop yourself through incarnations, to grow into your own strength and to remember who you are. You also know that once you enter the incarnation cycle, you will not remember that, and experiences will become painful for you to a higher or lesser degree.

Due to this, we could say that while you are incarnated you have, symbolically speaking, twenty percent of free will.
Let us elaborate on this a little.

It is about remembering… if every new incarnation of yours remembered everything you are and why you are here… you would raise your consciousness very quickly in this world regardless of the pain that would still accompany you. However, this is not possible because of the different parameters you come from and the low level of consciousness on this Planet that you become involved with when you arrive.

Because of this, you are your own consequence, and as such, you cannot attract anything else than the lessons that are important to you. We have already mentioned this with the example of similar love relationships or jobs you attract.

However, because of the oblivion you have fallen into, and because of your mind and ego that are attached to the present incarnation and just want you to survive and be well, you may feel resistance to awakening.
This is because, as we have said, awakening is not easy. It is much easier to point your finger at and blame the world and others for how you feel and what is happening to you than to take full responsibility for your life, turning towards your own vibrations created through the centuries you have lived on Earth.

And that resistance can create stubbornness, maybe even arrogance — you decide to prove to yourself and the world that it will be the way you want it. It can create an even greater fear that you will not survive, so you might act like a drowning person, seeking some means of salvation around yourself in the form of people, things, and events.
This resistance can manifest in the form of depression, hopelessness… a feeling that it is easier to think that nothing makes sense than to look within yourself in the way we have described.
We could say so much more, but we believe that you have got the message.

And this is what constitutes your twenty percent of free will, i.e. that you might spend one or more incarnations resisting change even though you may already be ready for it because your then-incarnation uses its twenty percent of free will to remain unchanged.
Then, in that reincarnation or a subsequent one, life circumstances finally force you to look within. Whether it is a disease, a loss… something very painful makes you wonder at some point if there is anything more than this material world…

We will tell you that life through introspection is painful, but that life where you use your twenty percent of free will in resistance is actually even more painful because not only do you live in compressed energy, disconnected from yourself… you also create new experiences, which you will eventually have to transcend at some point.
So … why wait for life to move you, why not use that twenty percent and dive into yourself to see what awaits you there?

What does it mean that you bring only one part of you?

Of course, this will sound like a story to you unless you have already become aware of it and retrieved that memory… but this whole handbook is a story that can help you to remember, if you want to.

So let us continue, breathe in, breathe out…
All of you who have made a conscious decision to enter the incarnation cycle already have some experience with this type of activity in other realms, some of you even in the earthly realm you are living in now, but that is part of another story.

It is not possible to consciously enter the incarnation cycle with the intention of awakening and taking action without having had any previous experience with this. This Planet, however special and beautiful in its physical aspects, is also a place of unconsciousness. It has not always been that way… In some ‘earlier times’ (using the earthly vocabulary), long before what your scientists call ‘recorded history’, there was life in consciousness on this Planet.

Everything that exists is expanding at the same time, and sometimes, some areas undergo a shift.
All that exists is immensely huge, and as much as many of your scientists would like to believe that what they see is also what is real… and that you on this Planet… are the only ones in the known and unknown universe… things are a little bit different.

We could explain it using this analogy: If someone, during some of your previous incarnations on this Planet, had come to you with today’s modern technology… you would not have understood it, you would probably have been scared… you might have even condemned technology itself to burn at the stake…

That means that you cannot understand things which are not within your current parameters. This Planet, which you call ‘Earth’ is beautiful… but the civilization which currently inhabits it is not very advanced and is therefore vulnerable to the manipulation of more advanced civilizations, which show you what suits them.
Although you believe that you have sophisticated measuring instruments, they are still very primitive compared to more advanced ones. Therefore, your measuring instruments, like you, take what they see as reality.

Of course, all of this remains just a story; you do not need to think about it now and try to figure it out mentally. We are telling you this only to encourage you to open your inner doors and open yourself up to the possibility of getting some insight, which your mind will not be able to comprehend, but which will awaken memories within you.

As we have already mentioned, this has not always been the case… very advanced civilisations used to live in this realm. However, due to certain circumstances, a fall in consciousness occurred, a structural change took place, and this whole world changed. This sometimes happens to everything that exists because everything that exists is in constant transformation.

You have come here to live in incarnations in this age of transformation that seeks to raise consciousness on this Planet, that is why you are here… that is why, several thousands of earthly years ago, you consciously entered the incarnation cycle.
This cycle lasts a few thousand years for your incarnations, but it lasts a relatively short time for your energy… Remember how we described time to you earlier.

As more and more people awaken, you will begin to see from within what the universe actually looks like, how you got here… and what is in fact happening on the Planet. When you see it, you will not have any more questions and you will learn how to live by looking at two truths at the same time… one that is the truth of your mind and one that is the truth of your energy, which you can feel and see with your inner sight… with your energy vision.

Structurally, your energy is of a much higher vibration than your incarnation, your body here, your energy footprint in this world. Due to this, by coming here, we might say, from a higher level to a lower level of consciousness, you connect only one part of you with the incarnation cycle — the higher your awareness, the smaller the part of you that gets connected.

Throughout your incarnation cycle, you continue to exist as part of the energy entity you have come from. You could say that the rest of your energy entity is in some sort of hibernation as you go through the incarnation cycle.

You recognize this remaining (hibernating) part of you as your higher consciousness and you receive all information through it. Through this part, you also receive memories… that are within you, and also engage in external communication with us or with others that you may need at certain times. All of this goes directly through the part of you, which is, let us describe it in the best way for you… in hibernation.

Thanks to this, it is possible for you to receive a lot of information since you remember it through yourself, which is why we direct you to turn inwards because all the answers are within you. You can view this as being eternally connected to a library that has absolutely every piece of information you need.
That is why, very often, your search for answers in this world takes you away from what you are looking for.

The world has changed; what does that mean for your quest?

This will be the part that might trigger many of you who engage in various ceremonies, practices, and ritualistic connections with ancestors… so please read it with an open mind, feel it from within…

After the major transformation we have written about — which happened before your recorded history — the emerging civilizations were slightly less developed. Some of them were more connected to nature, some less, and they paved the new paths on this Planet. You have lived through most of them in your incarnations, learning different rituals in different ways.

All this was useful while it was in accordance with the level of consciousness that prevailed at the time; you could not do more than that. However, now, in times of a great transformation of consciousness, many forms of that ancient wisdom are strongly reconnecting you with the energy of the Planet, while some of them are reconnecting you with energies you would not really want to be connected to. If you could just see the whole picture… many things like nature rituals, ancestor worship, various kinds of magic… awaken a dormant knowledge in you… but… a dormant knowledge from previous incarnations, knowledge that you have already accumulated through many lives, which was very useful in those lives.

Now, in times of the great transformation of consciousness that has just begun in this realm… you need to awaken your inner wisdom through your own higher self… through the part that is you, through the rest of you.
Because of this, certain nature rituals or connecting with ancestors can make your connections with the higher levels difficult.

This does not mean that you should cease to respect the ancestors of your current incarnation or any of your own incarnations, that you should cease to respect nature, or that you should reject everything because none of it is good. No… it means that by working on yourself through treatments and setting yourself free as your own consequence, you could open the inner door of your own consciousness… connect as consciously as possible with that part of you that is not incarnated so you can recall everything that can be remembered.

Only by combining that consciousness with everything that is already within you as a result of the knowledge from past incarnations, will you gain enough groundedness and, at the same time, openness to enable you to take the concrete steps needed for awakening your consciousness and assisting the Planet.

And now we would like to insert another part… inhale, exhale…

Not everyone has come here in the same way; not everyone has come from the same realm, and not everyone here has the same intentions.
As the time of the transformation of this realm began to approach, increasingly more and more energies began to get involved in it with their activities.
Some incarnations are not here to assist in the current transformation but are going through their own experiences, just learning what you have already mastered…

We will give you a symbolic explanation: As the transformation started approaching, this Planet became an excellent school for anyone who needed experiences. Therefore, many of the currently incarnated individuals are going through their first incarnation on this Planet. Although many of them have come from higher levels of vibration, they will not be wondering about anything more than this physical life and their own needs… because they have not brought in enough of their higher consciousness to reach the stage of possible awakening. They are the ones you might be coming into conflict with and to whom you may seem like complete lunatics; they will very often be your challenges.

Then, there are many like you, but coming from different realms. That is why you will feel closeness with many you meet, as if you have known each other for centuries… because you do… while with some others, you will feel that they are in the awakening phase, just like you are… but that you cannot truly recognise them. You all form the mass that is needed for collective awakening so a higher consciousness may prevail once more on this Planet and change the physical life form on it in the next several hundreds of years.

And then, there are representatives of energies that you do not want to have anything to do with… if we were to use your current vocabulary, those would be energies that have the opposite intentions to yours. They would prefer that this Planet remain a Planet ruled by unconsciousness.

Now, we will not go too far into further descriptions so as not to feed your mind; let us just tell you that higher-level consciousness still has a greater vibrational power than unconsciousness. Many of you have come here for the purpose of awakening, although not many of you will achieve it this time… but all of you who reach the point of starting to awaken are a powerful light, and you are helping to strengthen the energy grid around the Planet. It is true what you have probably already heard: that a small group of conscious individuals can help raise the level of consciousness of the whole Planet.

That is why there are so many people on the Planet; that is why it is all so energetically strong. Various civilizations from other realms are currently focusing a lot of attention on the Planet you are living on: lots of different interests, many factions, to use the ‘earthly’ vocabulary. Some are collaborating with each other; some are acting independently… it is best to say that, globally, we can divide them into two groups: those who in various ways assist the transformation of this Planet towards expansion into a greater level of consciousness, some with currently incarnated representatives, some without… and others who, for various reasons, do not want the level of consciousness (vibration) on this Planet to change… some with incarnated representatives, some without…

Now you might be asking yourself why you should you trust us if this is the case. How can you trust anyone at all?
You cannot… you should trust no-one, not even us. You need yourself… you need introspection; you need your own energy; you need purification of vibrations to make the awakening process more conscious within you… and then you will find all the answers within yourself.

That is why you should not wonder about how many people around you are working on themselves, and you should not attempt to persuade others… if you feel that someone might be interested, you can offer them this handbook to read, but do not get upset if their reaction is not like yours. Maybe their energy is not ready yet, maybe they are ruled by their personality’s twenty percent of free will, maybe they need more experience before they embark on the journey of awakening.

Focus on yourself, your own awakening, feel the steps within yourself… opening up your inner door to memories… from some other realms…

Ways you can work on yourself:

– Use the treatment sentence to do a daily energy treatment on yourself.
– Read this handbook several times.
– Read ‘Sky Whisper’ to see how relationships from past lives can activate your vibrations in this life.
– If you need assistance >>>

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