Basics of energy therapy

Basics of energy therapy

Say internally: “I ask my spiritual guidance, all light beings that are here for my highest good, and my light family to be with me, protect me and make a therapy for all that is for my highest good right now”
And then, just relax for the next half hour. If you find it pleasant and useful, you can do such energy therapy for yourself every day, you only need to call upon your light beings and ask.

This way of asking for an energy therapy is a natural form of working with energy. It requires no previous knowledge except your feeling through intuition that invites you to try it. The purpose of the sentence you say is to start the energy process and create a more profound contact with yourself, with your consciousness. During the therapy, whatever is needed happens to each person, that process is intuitive.

There is no guarantee that the energy therapies will bring you wellbeing, they are not a substitute for healing or any physical therapy. Energy therapies allow the balance of your energy and a deeper contact with yourself, and therefore only you are responsible for all that happens during and after the therapy. Do them only if your intuition calls upon you to do so.

Energy therapies aren’t attached to any religion or belief, and they do not commit you to anything. If you let yourself go and relax, you will find the best way for yourself.


(Photo by Pexel)